Pagina1 is a site designed to share free, downloadable resources about the Italian and English-language cultures with collegues, students, and enthusiasts. I believe that the web may and must be a place for cultural and intellectual growth and that in any case it must be the place where children and their parents are not afraid to go.

To paraphrase Mother Theresa, it may be true that a person's contribution is like a drop in the ocean, but that many drops do make up the ocean, it is up to each and everyone of us to keep it clean and alive!

  • Mission. Pagina1 is aimed to increasing awareness about the Italian and English-speaking worlds in a context respectful of family values, peace and tolerance.  It tries to do so through the research work of its editor and collaborators without excluding exchanges between web sites and institutions sharing similar goals to those of Pagina1.  Scholars, students, educators or viewers submissions are welcome - you are encouraged to submiit abstracts of your work for publication (all non-fiction, related to: literature, history, language studies, photo and artwork or web tutorials) or just simple links leading to safe sites containing similar resources. Please scroll down to disclaimer for more info on copyright issues. 
  • Language. This site is bilingual, and that means extra work to keep it afloat. Therefore help from translators is always welcome in any language - and rewarded since not only are they free to re-distribute and upload their target texts on their websites, can advertise their skills on our pages as much as your own. Opportunity is the word when you collaborate with Pagina1 or help it spread the good news!
  • Using the content. Resources tagged as 'free' are 100% free - free to keep forever - and give out: make photocopies, CD versions, localize them into your own language(s), upload them to your own site(s). The only things I ask you is, to give proper attribution to its original source author/s (including links and graphics from the originals), not sell them for a profit without the author(s) consent. Localized files must reproduce the original content faithfully without omissions or additions. You also acknowledge that the author(s) of the primary source file(s) have the exclusive right to change, modify or alter their original(s) by creating their own derivative work(s) distributed under this or other licenses, whether digital or physical, free of charge and sold it for a fee. Unless expressly indicated, the other components of this site (including its code, graphics and layout) are protected by copyright laws. 
  • Modifications, changes or additions to the originals or different forms of licensing can be granted  on request. Printed editions are subject to prior agreement  with its authors.
  • Disclaimer. This policy may be subject to modifications. Publishing resources from Pagina1 is NOT granted to porn, illegal or any other sites endorsing racist, sectarian, violent or intolerant, anti-Christian views - in any case any that appear to be so in the eyes of our authors and editors. Our work cannot be quoted in a way that may be construed as endorsing your personal political or religious views or support the product and services you sell.  When you submit resources to Pagina1 you make sure that they are entirely yours or that you have obtained permission to publish them from their authors, specifying the exact conditions under which such resources may be published. Please do NOT send any copyrighted work without the authors' permission. If you send up such material while letting believe Pagina1 in bona fide that you have obtained such permission, your files/text will be immediately deleted from Pagina1 and you will no longer be able to send us any more. In no case, however, will Pagina1 be held accountable for the consequences of your errors or unlawful actions.
  • The author/s grant(s) such resources on a "as is" basis, and while they try their best to make their work as accurate as possible, are not liable in any way for the accuracy of their contents.
  • Background. I have a Master in Language Arts from the Università di Verona, have obtained a Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) from the British Council of Milan and the Italian equivalent of QTS (Qualified Teacher Status)  in English with a certification in computer proficiency. 
  • Skills I am fluent in Italian, English and French, a good knowledge of Windows XP, Office, Adobe Acrobat, Frontpage, Dreamweaver and other utilities.  I can write HTML/CSS sheets - the code of this site was written by me - and a minimum knowledge of PHP and Java.
  • Work experience I teaught english and French in a number of secondary (and language) schools, but at present I am a part-time teacher and a freelance translator. I was an editor in the American neologisms dictionary project of for a number of months before it became a wiki project.
  • Extra-curricular I am a practising Christian Catholic - I volunteered five years in a nursing home for mentally impaired patients (1993-1999).

DIZIONARIO DEI FALSI AMICI (DICTIONARY OF FALSE FRIENDS -EN/IT) - type in: falsi amici or falsefriends 

AMERICAN NEOLOGISMS (in collaboration with Langmaker's team)


I wish to thank my friends from the Piccola Fraternità di San Zenetto e Via Fincato di Verona for the unforgettable moments I spent with them, all my friends and last but not least my family for believing in me and inspiring me to believe in Jesus.

Enjoy Pagina1!

Mauro Baglieri